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Before retiring and re-settling in Callander Ontario (in 2001) Doug owned and operated a commercial printing plant and published a weekly newspaper for 20 years in the Greenstone Region of northwestern Ontario. During those years he served in public office for two terms as a municipal councillor and two terms as a public school board trustee.

Doug's extensive service as a volunteer community leader in the Greenstone Region included:

  • 20 years as a Rotarian in several capacities including President and Vice-President;
  • Founding Vice-President of the Geraldton District Stock Car Racing Association;
  • Founding Chair and President of two regional economic development organizations;
  • Completion of the Economic Developer's Certification program at the University of Waterloo;
  • Founding director of a community co-operative to develop a public waterfront park;
  • Director with the Superior-Greenstone Association for Community Living.

Following completion of a new family home in Callander, outside of North Bay, Doug developed new skills in the field of website application programming, configuration and deployment serving a small client base. He entered public service for another eight years as a municipal councillor and volunteered as a director with several community development organizations. He continues as a volunteer director on two regional development boards in the North Bay area and as Chair of Callander's Planning Advisory Committee. In his spare time, Doug continues to enjoy home-based pursuits that include woodworking, music, and home renovations.

As a Liberal ...

Doug has been a member of the Party in the electoral district of Nipissing-Timiskaming and has volunteered in several capacities in federal election campaigns since 2004. In 2009, he was elected as EDA Vice-President, southern region, and has continued serving as Executive Vice-President since 2011.

In January 2009, Doug became volunteer administrator of En Famille , the Liberal Party of Canada’s first online community forum for party members and, for a short time, was administrator of another party initiative - Forum Liberalis.

More recently, Doug's activity with the Senior Liberals' Commission (SLC) has included:

  • Communications Chair (early 2015 to present),
  • Communications Chair with the Ontario Section (2015-16),
  • Authoring the SLC Club start-up kit,
  • Vice-chair of the Charter Committee (2017)
  • Chair of the Ontario Section (Feb. 2017 to present).

Candidacy ...

Doug chose to seek the position of Co-chair (English) with the Senior Liberals' Commission to offer a fresh approach with effective, proven leadership. As the Commission’s Communications Chair for the past three years he has become acutely aware of areas requiring improvement. For starters ...

  • Our Commission's policy development process needs to be more streamlined, ongoing, user-friendly, and open to senior Registered Liberals all across Canada;
  • Our network must grow ... by increasing the number of seniors’ clubs (groups and associations) ... and connecting with seniors’ representatives on electoral district association boards across Canada;
  • Our National Board of Directors must work for our membership, offer greater transparency about how our Commission operates, and give our members an open channel for communicating their suggestions and concerns to Board members.

Once elected ...

... as your Co-chair (English) during the Convention in Halifax, Doug's resignation as Chair of the Ontario Section will take effect immediately following the Convention.

Elect Doug Brydges
Doug Brydges
Doug Brydges
Candidate for Co-chair (English)
Senior Liberals' Commission

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